Welcome to Soul Work-Healing Grief and Trauma

A Center for Honouring Your Valiant Courage with Grace and Gratitude

This Centre is Where Every Journey Starts. It is a beginning; a starting sacred space. Where the journey begins for healing grief and trauma. Sometimes we must go beyond the familiar to transform and grow. To engage in this transformative process the following principles have been created as a structure base for all to LAND.

What is "traumatic grief"? Feeling guilty about loosing a loved or after experiencing a traumatic event.

  1. The Center is here to Improve all relationships, to others to yourself in the creator's light
  2. The Centre is here for breaking trail, and preparing you for what's ahead
  3. The Center is here to heal traumatic grief in ways that old limitations and inner blockages drop off. To stop fear from moving forward.
  4. The Center is here to move beyond predictable behavior into freedom and peace.
  5. The Center is here to allow childlike wonder to discover what wonderful each day.
  6. The Center is here heal physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds associated with traumatic grief.
  7. The Center is a place where you can take time to tune into your intuition and dig into the moments of "knowing".
  8. The Center is a place where you can trust that all that is unfolding is for your highest good.
  9. The Center is a place to transform your inner grievances with help of healing forces from others.
  10. The Center is a place cleansing, clearing, and forgiving others their transgressions.
  11. The Center is eleven watch for the signs and know everything is unfolding as it will BE.

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"A path of miracles are unfolding"

- Jane Doe


Seek to appreciate each individual including yourself


Life is inspirational. A seed of new growth.

Personal Strength

Trust in life. Take a leap of faith.Be grateful.

Spiritual Growth

Open yourself to the eagles view and see the highest truth.

Co-Partner with the Collective

See the limitless expansion. Ponder beyond and bigger than you. Live aligned with Divine. Live from the space of interconnectedness.


Rise above your sufferings. Drop into the space of compassion. Talk to yourself in a loving way. Encourage yourself.

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